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2013-2014 Fall Winter Meat CSA

Lilly Den Farm Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Information

It is hard to believe that we are already signing up for the Fall/Winter Meat CSA. Thank you to all of our loyal costumers who have been members of our CSA. With out you, Lilly Den Farm would not be as successful as we have been.

If you are interested in signing up for our CSA please email us your name, number, and email along with the share size you are interested in. You can also sign up on our website.

Below is more information about the CSA. If you have any questions email us or call Tucker at (919) 356-5330.


Small ($20/week)...$450
Medium ($30/week)...$750
Large ($40/week)...$1,050
X-Large ($50/week)...$1,500

We are offering four different share sizes, Small ($20), Medium ($30), Large ($40) and X-Large ($50). The weight of the meat for each share will vary depending on the cuts you will receive that week.

We are extremely flexible to “meat” your meat needs! All CSA shares, regardless of size, will be able to choice from beef, pork, chicken, veal and goat. We almost always have beef, pork, veal and chicken. Due to the small size and high demand of goat we will make it available as often as possible. CSA member will get to choice what variety and cuts of meat they would like for the week depending on meat availability.

The first payment will be due on or before the first day of pick-up, the second payment will be due on or before December 26/28, and your final payment will be due on March 6/8. You can also sign up and pay on our website. We understand that it is hard to come up with the full payment for 30 weeks so we have no problem splitting the payment to make it a little more manageable. We are also understanding and are willing to work with you on payments, share size, or any other things that might arise. With that said, if you decide to become a member we are asking for your 100% comment for the entire 30 weeks. The CSA is a great opportunity for Lilly Den to budget finances and product volume. Dropping out in the middle makes it difficult for our business to succeed.

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