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My Reflections After A Wildly Busy Week…

I thought I would share my reflections…

From winning BIG at The All American Dairy Show, to a major very scary car accident, to Mead Fest and Farm Aid, we had a very busy week.

  1. I have four beautiful, hard working, humble, children who are not afraid to live their own lives, but are always here to help with our little crazy family business. Yes, they drive me crazy, but it is a good crazy. They are all remarkable humans. I am so proud to be their mom.
  2. Life is so short. It could be over in an instant. Cherish every moment. Live BIG! Love BIGGER!
  3. Tucker and Dennet are so talented. There is so much that goes into showing dairy cows. They work so hard, every day, doing their thing and growing these beautiful animals. They both have so much passion. I realized this week that it is time to change things up a little on the farm so they can chase their dreams. Stay tuned!
  4. I have thought in the past six months that buying the food truck might have been a mistake. It consumes so much of my time and I leaves me feeling absent on the farm. After this week I have realized that buying the food truck was one of the best moves I have ever made for me. I love being in it. I love working with my staff. I love feeding people. I love taking our product and products from other local farmers and businesses and creating tasty dishes. I love everything thing about it, even the long hours I put in. This is only just the beginning for me!
  5. I have the BEST little staff any small business owner could ask for. I love and appreciate all of them. Each one brings something different to the table and together we are crushing it. I know I could not do what I am doing with out them.
  6. Farm Aid would not have gone so smoothly without the help of Peggy Gravitte Lee and Stephen Maggie Lee. Thanks for being AMAZING friends. You are the BEST.
  7. Ninety three dozen rolls is A LOT of rolls.
  8. I have a new favorite song, If I Die High I’m Halfway to Heaven, which I heard for the first time this weekend after I shut the food truck down because we sold out and got to listen to Willie Nelson and Family while my little kids snuggled up on me on the lawn at the final set at Farm Aid. The moment was magical. Listen and enjoy!
  9. None of this would be possible without the loving support of my favorite person on earth, Tucker Withington. We make a damn good team!
  10. I am living the dream but I am not done dreaming yet!
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