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Speak With A Knowledgeable Colleague About The Craft Of Farming

Are you interested in starting your own farm but do not know where to start? Lilly Den Consulting is here to help. Tucker Withington, CSFA’s 2013 Young Farmer of the Year, is glad to answer any questions, tour your land, give suggestions, and guide you to success. He will share with you his experiences, successes, and failures.

Boarding Fee...$1.75 a day per head*

*If you have an outstanding boarding bill for 30+ days Lilly Den Farm has the right to sell the animals. Lilly Den Farm will assume animals are surrendered to the farm for any boarding bill that goes unpaid.

Additional Charges:

Vet Visit...$100+
Herd Check...$75
Pregnancy Check...$75
Stud Fee...$200

Email us to make an appointment or call/text Tucker at (919) 356-5330.

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