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A non-refundable deposit of $100.00 is required with every booking. If you later need to cancel the event, the deposit may be applied to another date.


Payment in full is required at least two weeks in advance of the event. At that time, the payment is non-refundable, as we have reserved that booking time specifically for your event and may have had to decline other bookings.


If inclement weather prevents us from arriving at your event, we will reschedule. If the weather after we arrive prevents us from continuing, the event is considered complete.

Farm animal requirements

  1. The size of the area we need depends on what animals we bring with us. The smallest area would be 12 feet by 12 feet – enough to accommodate one of our pens.
  2. If we will not have access to fresh water on site, please let us know when making your booking so that we can bring our own.
  3. It is also very helpful if there is a shaded area so that the animals are not in full sun, although we will bring our own cover as well.
  4. We prefer to set up our pens on a grassed area. If this will not be available, please let us know at the time of booking so that we can make suitable arrangements. Also please ensure that the area has not been treated with weedkillers, fertilizers or pesticides in the previous 2 weeks.
  5. In very hot weather we do not run pony rides between 12 noon and 5.00 p.m. unless we can make special arrangements.
  6. We are responsible for the removal and disposal of any and all wastes created by the animals.
  7. We will arrive at your event prior to the scheduled time to allow us to set-up our pens and arrange water for the animals.


  1. Make sure that the children speak quietly and move slowly when they are around the animals, as sudden movements and loud sounds may startle them.
  2. Please don’t let anyone feed any of our animals unless we are with them. Too many treats makes fat an/or sick animals!
  3. Do not allow any boisterous games close to the animal pen areas or children with balls and sticks. Harmless children’s’ games can be very threatening to animals.
  4. Please keep all dogs away from the area containing our animals throughout the time we are on your premises. Although our animals are familiar with our own dogs, they will be very upset if a strange dog appears nearby. Please make sure that your guests also understand that dogs are not to be allowed at the event.
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