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Sustainable Pork

Our pork is raised in large dirt floor pens that are bedded with local fresh hay. The pigs are comfortable as they have created areas in their pens designated for eating, sleeping, and rooting. Pork can be purchased whole for BBQ, whole cut and wrapped, halved cut and wrapped, quartered cut and wrapped and individual cuts. Specialty cuts available upon request.

Sustainably raised pork at Lilly Den Farm

Pricing (subject to change)

Chops...$10 lb
Ribs...$8.50 lb
Sausage...$8.50 lb
Roast...$8.50 lb
Ham Steaks...$8.50 lb
Shoulder Steaks...$9 lb
Ground...$8.50 lb
Bacon...$11 lb
Italian Sausage Links Hot or Sweet...$9.50 lb
Bratwurst...$9.50 lb
Polish...$9.50 lb

Food Details

Piglets nursing

Pricing (subject to change)

Smoked Hams (6-8 lbs. each)...$11 lb
Whole Pork Loins...$9 lb
Whole Beef Tenderloins...$25 lb

Easter hams available for pre-order. Handcrafted with care, these hams boast a perfect blend of sugar, salt, cloves, garlic, onion, and a medley of herbs, slow-smoked to infuse the essence of our farm into every bite. Notably nitrate-free, our commitment to wholesome goodness shines through.

Pay $20 Deposit Online

We accept cash, check, or credit cards. Payment is due in full the day of pick up. You may pay your $20 deposit below to reserve your holiday order, or pay us in person on or before your pick-up day.

Order Pick-Up Dates and Times

It’s that time of year again! We will send out an email before Easter confirming your pick up location. Bring a cooler when you come to pick up.

Easter Pick-up Locations

  • Thursday, March 28 – Saturday, March 30: The Den 12:00-6:00
  • Thursday, March 28: Pittsboro Farmers Market 3:00-6:00
  • Friday, March 29: Southern Pines Brewing Company 1:00-2:00

Farm pick up by appointment. Delivery available, restrictions apply.

Reserve Your Easter Order

Place your Easter order by submitting the reservation form below.


Pork Loin

Med-Rare - Medium...145°F – 160°F (62.8°C - 71.1°C)

Pork Chops

Med-Rare - Medium...145°F – 160°F (62.8°C - 71.1°C)


Tender...145°F – 160°F (62.8°C - 71.1°C)


Tender...145°F – 160°F (62.8°C - 71.1°C)


Pre-Cooked Ham (to reheat)...140°F (60°C)

Ground Pork


Pork Shoulder

Tender...145°F – 160°F (62.8°C - 71.1°C)

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