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From Pigs to Pork

Piglets Nursing On Momma Pig

As a New York city girl growing up I always wanting a pig as a pet. They are so darn cute and little (at least at birth). I envied Fern on Charlette’s Web with every morsel of my body. Who would have thought that I would be raising pigs for a living on a small farm in Goldston, North Carolina (Certainly not me!)?

Pigs are pretty amazing creatures. They are born weighing a pound (at best) and grow into these 550 pounds gentle beast. I type ‘gental’ loosely. Pigs can be very aggressive, even deadly, if they are hungry. They are omnivores and will eat anything that crosses their paths including humans if left unfed. They have amazing nurturing instincts too. Mama pigs will attack anything or anyone if they feel that their piglets are threatened. With that said, our full happy pigs, are friendly and excited to see us because they know we have what they want most… food. Our mama pigs birth in furrowing pens where their babies are safe from danger. Our pigs are gentle beasts and a joy to feed and watch grow.

Pig have litters of about 10 piglets at a time. These massive pigs “spit out” these little babies with ease and grace. New born pigs walk within the first couple of minutes of joining this world and immediately seek their mama’s teat for milk. Piglets grow fast! They begin exploring solids by 2 weeks old and are full grown in a year and ready to be fattened.

More amazing than raising pigs is eating pigs. They are so versatile. Pork goes well with sweet or savory sides. It’s amazing grilled, smoked, sautéed, slow cooked, cured, broiled, roasted… just about any way. Pork is tough yet tender, simple yet tasty and easy yet complicated. Pork is truly tasty anyway, anyhow.

So why not stock your freezer with locally raised pork? You have nothing to loose. Pork makes everything better!

Lilly Den Farm has a half hog for sale processed, packaged, and ready for your freezer! You will get 70-100 pounds of chops, roasts, steaks, ribs, a variety of sausage, and BACON!

It’s $6.75 per lb. actual weight (meaning you only pay for the meat you receive) the price includes processing, vacuumed sealed packs with labels, weights, and delivery.

Smaller customized packages available with beef, pork, veal and chicken.

Call or text Mackenzie at 919-356-3150 to place your order.

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