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Family, Friends, Community, and Love

The Withingtons With Community Standing In Front Of Their New Van

I love my mornings.

I spend my mornings taking care of my family and my farm, working on my business, educating myself and sharing little clips here and there with the world on social media. It is a wonderful way to start my day.

I love waking up every morning next to Tucker and chilling together while we patiently wait for the coffee to be done brewing. I enjoy sitting at the kitchen table in the mornings with my older two kids working on my computer while they homeschool on their computers, always ready to answer their questions and clarify any confusion. I love running back into the bedroom to snuggle my younger two as they are waking up while I drink my coffee secretly hoping they will fall back asleep so I can have a little more time to get computer stuff done.

I love my mornings.

I love getting dressed and getting outside. We go out as a family. Everyone has their chores and we work together to accomplish a whole lot of farming in a fair amount of time. Animals get fed, cows get milked, eggs get collected and packed, barn gets cleaned, milk gets bottled, equipment gets washed and we all meet back up in the kitchen for breakfast made from the freshest ingredients from our farm and local farms that surround us.

Then our day begins. Tucker works on the farm or leaves to get hay or pick up feed or whatever he needs to do for the day. I load up my car and make the days deliveries, or go to the market or pick up at the processor or whatever I have to do for the day. The kids tag along, help out every step of the way and have a good time.

My favorite days are when we wind up in Pittsboro after morning chores, after delivers and other daily tasks. Weather I am with Tucker and/or the kids or just by myself I love spending an hour or 4 in my favorite little town, talking to so many awesome people, unwinding and chilling. It is time to smile, laugh, relax, and catch up.

Pittsboro is a local treasure filled with so many amazing people. It is a community I am so lucky to be a part of and a community that holds a very special place in my heart.

Just like my mornings, I love my afternoons in Pittsboro surrounded by people and places that always make me smile and laugh. It is a community full of love, togetherness, strength, and support. It is a safe place, a wonderful place, and a magical place.

My days are awesome. They are simple and filled to the absolute top with so much love. I am living the dream. I have more than I ever thought I could ever have. I have what money could never buy. I have a healthy family, I have friends, and I have a community fueled by love.

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