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4 Reasons to Buy Your Thanksgiving Turkey from a Local Farmer

Tucker Holding A Turkey

Thinking about buying your holiday turkey from a local farmer?

Here are five reasons why it’s the best way to go. Check out our holiday turkeys to reserve yours today!

  1. Healthier Option For You And The Bird
    Farm raised turkeys in a humane environment with the option to the great outdoors. They get their nutrition from pecking all day with additional quality feed from the local feed store (compared to the store bought turkeys that are cooped up and fed low quality medicated feed).
  2. Know What You Are Eating
    Buying a local free range turkey gives you the opportunity to know what you are eating and where it came from. Buying local gives you the ability to talk to your local farmer about their farming practices, feeding program, and processing program. There is something to be said about that!
  3. Supports Local Economy
    Buying meats from your local farmer keeps money in your community. Shopping local keeps four times the money in your community’s economy compared to shopping at chains. Not to mention your farmer will thank you!
  4. Tastes A MILLION Times Better
    Knowing where your meat is coming from, how it is raise, and how it is processed will automatically make you enjoy Thanksgiving dinner that much more. But the truth is, a farm fresh free range turkey tastes better because it is grown with love and care. It is not pumped full of preservatives, saline, or other added questionable ingredients. When you buy from your local farmer you are getting what you pay for… fresh turkey
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