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We are working hard to meet the meat, dairy, and egg needs of our community. Please email us to place an order or check availability.

Sustainable Poultry

We raise our meat poultry in small groups that have inside and outside accessibility. Our layer chickens and ducks are never cage confined and are fed excess produce and grains that are locally purchased. Eggs and whole chickens are available year round and turkeys and other poultry are available for purchase seasonably.

Sustainably raised poultry at Lilly Den Farm

Pricing (subject to change)

Whole...$4.50 lb
Boneless Breast...$9 lb
Boneless Thighs...$7 lb
Legs...$6 lb
Wings...$5 lb
Leg Quarters...$6 lb
Liver...$3 lb
Hearts...$3 lb
Necks...$2 lb
Backs...$1 lb

Food Details


Well Done...165°F - 175°F (73.9°C - 80°C)


Well Done...165°F - 175°F (73.9°C - 80°C)


Med-Rare...135°F – 140°F (57.2°C - 60°C)
Medium...140°F - 160°F (60°C - 71.1°C)
Well Done...160°F - 170°F (71.1°C - 76.6°C)

Source: 1

Tucker and Dennit holding turkeys

Pricing (subject to change)

Standard White Turkeys...$7 lb

Pay $50 Deposit Online

We accept cash, check, or credit cards. Payment is due in full the day of pick up. You may pay your $50 deposit below to reserve your turkey, or pay us in person on or before your pick-up day.

Order Pick-Up Dates and Times

It’s that time of year again! We will send out an email before Christmas confirming your pick up location. Bring a cooler when you come to pick up your turkey because it will be fresh.

Christmas Pick-up Locations

  • Saturday, December 19th: 12:00-2:00, Carolina Brewery in Pittsboro
  • Wednesday, December 23rd: 3:00-6:00, Special Pittsboro Farmers’ Market

Farm pick up by appointment. Delivery available, restrictions apply.

Reserve Your Turkey

Place your holiday order by submitting the reservation form below.

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    Be thinking about Holiday Special Orders!

    The earlier we get orders in, the better. All order payments are due when you pick them up. If you want something that is not listed below please ask. Chances are we can get it cut or process it just the way you want.


    Standing Rib Roast...$16 lb
    Prime Rib...$16 lb
    Brisket...$10 lb
    Whole Filet Mignon...$22 lb


    We can get pork crown roast, pork loins, hams, or any other speciality cut.

    Fresh Ham, Skin-On...$7 lb
    Standing Rib Roast...$9 lb
    Boneless Pork Loin...$9.50 lb


    Standard White Turkey...$7 lb
    Pheasant...$12 lb
    Fresh Duck...$8.75 lb
    Heritage Chicken...$5.75 lb


    Leg of Goat...$13 lb
    Rack of Goat...$23 lb


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