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Briar Chapel Doorstep Farmers Market

Green Illustration Of Picket Fence With Flowers Butterflies And Birds

The Farmers Are Coming To You!

Order your meat, dairy, eggs, seafood, musrooms, produce, and cut flowers from your individual local farmers and have your order delivered to your doorstep on Tuesday between 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm.

Fresh brown eggs from Lilly Den Farm

Lilly Den Farm Black Logo - Pickup truck with animals in back and uppercase serif type below

Lilly Den Farm

Lilly Den Farm offers a variety of meats as well as raw dairy, including milk, cream and yogurt, chicken eggs, duck eggs, and compost.

Closeup of fresh Hook and Larder Fish

Hook and Larder Logo - Black handwriting type inside fish

Hook & Larder

Hook & Larder offers fresh NC seafood and shellfish.

Closeup of fresh Haw River Mushrooms

Haw River Mushrooms Logo - Black sans-serif type with mushroom illustrations

Haw River Mushrooms

Haw River Mushrooms is thrilled to be taking part in bringing nutrient dense, sustainably grown edible mushrooms to Briar Chapel. We specialize in oyster, shiitake, lions mane and cinnamon caps and are adding more varieties as our customer base grows. Order at

Blawesome flowers in vase

Blawesome Logo - Green circle with serif type and flower inside


Blawesome is a Chapel Hill-based flower farm and design studio that offers beautiful, locally grown, organic arrangements. Our farm is owned and co-operated by a young man living with autism. When you buy flowers from Blawesome, you are taking part in a celebration of the beauty and uniqueness of both flowers and humanity.

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