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The Simple Life???

I have been trying to wrap my brain around why farming is often referred to as “The Simple Life,” because it is anything but simple.

I came up with a couple of reasons why people might call it the simple life and explanation of why I believe it is anything but.

Reason #1: You get to work from home:

It is true that most farmers get to work from home but they work 365 days a year and are on call 24 hours a day. It only makes sense to be as close to your animals, fields, barns, green houses, and gardens so when an emergency comes up they are there to take care of it before something goes terribly wrong. Or maybe farmers live close to their animals because chores start before sunrise and end after sundown?

Reason #2: You get to be around cute animals and garden all day

The best part farming is witnessing new life and watching animals grow happy and healthy, but we all know it is not that easy. Farmers keep track of pregnant animals and jump in at a moments notice to help birthing if needed. Farmers need to make sure all of the animals are growing healthy by receiving the proper amount of nutrition, and if they are not, action must be taken immediately adding to chore time morning, afternoon, and night. Farmers have to feed animals daily which means they either need to grow enough feed, chop enough feed, and store enough feed to last a year, or make enough money to buy enough feed to feed their animals everyday. Farmers need to keep barns clean and dry for the animals to have which really means farmers shovel a lot of shit!

Reason #3: Most Farmers are content with living a minimalist lifestyle

I think it is safe to say that all the farmers I know live a very minimalist lifestyle. They shop at thrift stores and vacations are few and far between. Farmers are happy with their life style because they love what they do, but lets be honest, the real reason is because small family farmers do not make any money. Farmers need to choose what makes them happier: the farming life or material goods. They can’t have both.

Farming is anything but simple, however, good luck trying to take a farmer away from their farm. Farmers are passionate hard workers that farm because it is what makes them happy, what keeps them healthy and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Paul Harvey nailed a farmer’s life in his famous, and my favorite, poem “So God Made a Farmer.” It is a clear illustration of a farmer’s hard work, dedication, and passion.

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