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It’s Kid Time at Lilly Den Farm – Baby Goats!

Kidding season is my favorite on the farm. Baby goats are full of life, soft to cuddle and just so damn cute.

I enjoy watching the instant bond between the mama goat and her baby. It is so incredible how fast the nurturing instant kicks in the second the baby is born. The mother quickly begins to lick her new born to help with circulations, then clean it off and to warm it up. Within minutes the baby is walking and seeking milk. The mama again helps the baby find her teats and continues to lick the baby while it begins to nurse. It is amazing how the mom knows where her baby is at all times. Weather it is tucked in a safe spot or bouncing around playing while the mama eats, she is always aware of where her baby is, and who or what is around it. A mother goat and her baby is a clear example of true love in this crazy world.

Mommy goats, called nannies, have one to two kids after a short gestation period of 150-180 days. Baby goats can walk within minutes of being born and begin nursing within the first hour. Goats typically nurse for 3 to 4 months before they are ready to be weaned. They are herbivores and love to eat grasses, however they will eat household plants and garden greens in a hot second. Goats are very curious and explore with their mouths. They will nibble on just about anything to satisfy their curiosity. They are rambunctious and playful creatures that love to climb, run, and jump. Goats are a joy to watch, but are nothing less than a challenge to keep in a fenced area.

Did you know that goat meat and milk is the most consumed red meat and dairy worldwide? That is an interesting fact especially because it is the least consumed in America.

Goat milk is easy to digest and is packed with protein and healthy fats. It is great for making cheese, yogurt, and ice cream. It is often an awesome alternative if you have an allergy to cows milk. It is said that goats milk is the closest to human milk.

Meadow holding a black baby goat
Meadow holding a black baby goat
Dennet hugging a tan goat
Lilly holding a black baby goat
Black baby goat nursing with its momma
Black baby goats
Black baby goat with its momma
Black and white baby goat with its momma
Mackenzie holding a black and white baby goat

Goat meat is a healthy alternative to red meat because it is low in calories, fat, and cholesterol, but is packed with flavor. Goat is great for grilling, stewing, roasting, and sautéing.

Whether you raise goats for meat, milk, or just for fun, they are always full of life. They are a great addition to most farms and are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

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