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Kids Dairy Day at Lilly Den Farm

Green Illustration Of 3 Cows In A Field Of Grass

June is National Dairy month so let’s learn all about DAIRY!

Tuesday, June 27th
10:00 am – 2:00 pm


Kids will spend the first half of the day working with Farmer Tucker learning about dairy cows, the different breeds, what they need to eat to stay healthy, the anatomy of a cow, the life cycle of a cow and much more. They will get hands on experience with milking cows, feeding cows, cleaning milking equipment and pouring fresh milk out of the bulk tank.

Lunch will be provided. Kids will enjoy a slider with farm fresh cheese, fresh watermelon and homemade yogurt parfaits they kids build themselves.


The second half of the day the kids will learn the art of making fresh mozzarella cheese. They will read a thermometer, add different cultures, separate the curds from the whey and stretch the cheese to perfection. Kids will also make farmers cheese and season it with fresh local herbs of their choice.

The kids will end the day making homemade ice cream.

Reserve Your Space Today!

$50 Per Child: Cost includes lots of knowledge about dairy and dairy cows, homemade cheese to take home and enjoy, lunch and snacks.

Call (919) 356-3150 or submit the payment form below.

Parents are welcome to stay and participate for $50 as well, or kids can be dropped off. Space is limited.

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