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We are working hard to meet the meat, dairy, and egg needs of our community. Please email us to place an order or check availability.

Sustainable Veal

Veal from Lilly Den Farm is never crate raised. Some of our dairy calves are raised to a robust 450 pounds on a high milk diet from milk from their mothers. Veal off our farm is better known as rose colored veal because it has been raised in a free range environment.

Sustainably raised veal at Lilly Den Farm

Pricing (subject to change)

Loin Chops...$22 lb
Rib Chops...$21 lb
Cutlets...$20 lb
Ground...$12 lb
Roast...$12 lb
Stew...$13 lb
Sirloin...$17 lb
Ribeye...$21 lb
T-Bone...$22 lb
Osso Bucco...$9 lb
Oxtail/Heart/Tongue...$6 lb
Liver...$6 lb

Food Details

Rib Roast
4-5 lbs | Roast in Oven at 325°F

25-27 min/lb...Medium 160°F
29-31 min/lb...Well Done 170°F

3-4 lbs | Roast in Oven at 325°F

34-36 min/lb...Medium 160°F
38-40 min/lb...Well Done 170°F

Loin/Rib Chops
1″ thick or 8 oz | Broil/Grill

7 min/side...Medium 160°F
8-9 min/side...Well Done 170°F

*Pan fry

1/8" thick, 3-4 min/side...Medium 160°F
1/4" thick, 5-6 min/side...Medium 170°F

Cross Cut Shanks
1.5″ thick | Cover with Liquid; Simmer

1-1.25 hrs...160°F

Round Steak

1/4" thick, 30 min...160°F
1/2" thick, 45 min...160°F

Arm/Blade Steak
.75″ thick or 16 oz | Broil/Grill

7 min/side...Medium 160°F
8 min/side...Well Done 170°F

Boneless Breast, Stuffed

2-2.5 lbs, 1.25-1.5 hrs...160°F
4-4.5 lbs, 2-2.5 hrs...160°F

Stew Meat
1″-1.5″ Cubes/Pieces | Cover with Liquid; Simmer

45-60 min...160°F

Ground Patties
.5″ thick or 4 oz | Broil/Grill/Pan fry

6-7 min/side...160°F

*Pan Frying, which is often called “sautéing,” is a quick cooking method. Meat is placed in small amount of heated oil and cooked on medium-high heat.
**Braising is roasting or simmering less tender meats with a small amount of liquid in a tightly covered pan.
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